Image by Timon Klauser
Image by Luis Alfonso Orellana
Image by Federica Campanaro

PDF          Editorial: Collectives and Coalitions - Building Justice and Equity Movements in the Arts 
                 Joni Boyd Acuff

PDF          Creative Trouble: Making Spaces for Collectivity within Art Education

PDF          Art Build Workers: Community Building through Collective Art Activism

                 Art Build Workers

PDF          Five Years of Ni Santas

                Joan “Zeta” Zamora & Ni Santas

PDF          Community-Based Art Projects in San Francisco Chinatown: A Survival Strategy

                 Xiaoxiao Bao & Hoi Leung

PDF          Using Positionality and Theory in Historical Research: A Personal Journey
                   Debra M. Hardy

PDF          Deconstructing Narratives About Artistic Mastery in Art Education

                 Mark A. Graham

PDF          Cultural Disconnection During the Pandemic: Access, Art Museums, and the Digital Divide

                 Rachel Zollinger & Carissa DiCindio

PDF          Culturally Responsible Approach to Teaching East Asian Art in the Classroom
                 Ryan Shin & Xuhao Yang

PDF          Playing the “Data”: Constructing Interactive and Enjoyable Experiences of Social Justice-Oriented  

                 Contemporary Art

                 Xuan Zhang

PDF          Establishing Fine Arts Festivals as Equitable Learning Opportunities for High Ability Visual Artists

                Jennifer Fisher & Michael V. Smith


PDF          The Pep Talk: Today We Do the Work

                 Stephanie Jones & James F. Woglom



PDF          JCRAE VOL 38